Heart Square Crochet Pattern

Here’s a brand new crochet pattern for a heart square or block that you can use to build a blanket or in many other projects. I was designing this in February, taking inspiration from all the hearts floating about around Valentine’s Day, but it’s perfect for a baby blanket, or a wedding gift too. YouRead more ⟶

How easy are your crochet kits?

I thought it might help to summarise on one page the range of skill levels that apply to my crochet kits. I indicate how easy each kit is in the product descriptions, but if you are browsing and want a shortlist of kits at the right crochet level for you or a friend, here’s allRead more ⟶

Decorative Pear Gourd Crochet Pattern #2

It’s been a funny old year, hasn’t it (and it’s not nearly over either)! I haven’t been able to keep to my original plans for publishing patterns over the last several months, but I’m hoping to get back to designing and publishing more now, starting with this decorative gourd crochet pattern, the next in myRead more ⟶