Brooches with Benefits – eco-friendly handmade brooches

Hand-crocheted brooches with buttons from the Little Conkers Brooches with Benefits range

My Brooches with Benefits range aims to make your little purchase into something powerful, whether it’s something for yourself or a gift for someone else.


Each purchase of one of my Brooches with Benefits range includes a £1 donation to a charity. With apologies to my overseas customers, these are currently only UK charities. I mean to publish a record of how much you lovely people raise for each charity on this page in due course.

The current charities your purchases will be supporting are:


The brooches are all made with eco-friendly yarn, but furthermore from the small ball-ends left over from making up my kits and larger commissions, so no new yarn was purchased to make them – super environmentally-friendly!

They may also feature upcycled buttons I have rooted out of my stash – these come from charity shops and old clothing so this is probably not even a second life for many of them, but maybe their third or fourth life!

The brooches are presented on cards I make from waste cardboard – cereal packets, greetings cards and the like.

The only part of these brooches specifically purchased and new are the metal brooch backs. These are sewn on, not glued, so have the potential to be re-used many, many times, and if not recycled. See my End-of-Life Information below.

Purchase Brooches with Benefits:

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Supporting The Woodland Trust

  • Crocheted brooch made of two hexagons in blue and brown.
  • Green and yellow crocheted flower brooch
  • Green crocheted flower brooch with button

Supporting Home-Start UK

  • Peach Fuzz Flower Brooch
  • Crocheted brooch made of two hexagons in pink and beige
  • Purple and pink crocheted brooch

Supporting the Trussell Trust

  • Blue crocheted flower brooch with upcycled button
  • Crocheted flower brooch with upcycled button
  • Crocheted brooch made of two hexagons in peach and pink

End of Life Information

  • All postal packaging, labels, tape & receipt – recycle as paper in your kerbside recycling.
  • Presentation card – recycle as paper in your kerbside recycling.
  • Organic cotton – safely biodegradable.
  • Plastic buttons – reuse again in your own crafts, or donate to a charity shop for reuse.
  • Steel brooch back – recycle as metal in your kerbside recycling.

You can also return any brooch from my Brooches with Benefits range to me at the end of its useful life, and I will responsibly recycle/reuse the parts.

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