Starter kit with everything you need to learn to crochet

Learn to Crochet Kit

I’m delighted to add something to my range that I’ve been wanting to create for a while: Crochet Starter Kits to allow those who have never crocheted before to learn to crochet.

I am very often asked for advice on learning to crochet for the first time, and so for some time I have wanted to extend my range of crochet kits to include a starter kit, something for those who have never picked up a crochet hook before.

Crochet is a brilliant craft to learn, and there are many, many resources available to help the beginner, but in some ways too much choice can be a bit overwhelming if you are just asking yourself “where do I start?”

I have used my experience to create a starter kit that will take someone who has never crocheted before from the very basics to confidently tackling complete crochet projects, with only the contents of the box supplied.

Starter kit with everything you need to learn to crochet

Crochet Starter Kit Contents

A Little Course in Crochet

The kit includes a copy of ‘A Little Course in Crochet‘ by Dorling Kindersley. This is one of the most popular and well-reviewed beginner crochet books available. This is not a brief introduction to crochet, but a very comprehensive 192 pages of expertise, guiding you from the very first steps to quite advanced techniques and complete projects using clear illustrations and photographs.

A Little Course in Crochet‘ is also available to purchase on its own in my shop.

Please note that the book is written in UK crochet terminology, although it does include an explanation of US crochet terminology, so this starter set is not recommended for US customers. Please ask me if you have any questions about this – it is a common area of confusion for beginners.


The kit contains 100g of pure wool double-knitting (DK) yarn reared, sheared and spun in the UK. This is perfect for your first steps in crochet when used with the 4mm hook in the kit.

The kit also contains 50g of 100% recycled cotton yarn in a 4ply weight, perfect for practising lighter crochet stitches.

Starter kit with everything you need to learn to crochet

By including different weights and types of yarn, the beginner can get a real feel for the effects of crocheting different stitches with different fibres. There is even enough yarn to complete some of the projects in the book with the hooks provided.

Hooks and Yarn Needle

The crochet hooks included are made of sustainable bamboo. For this kit, I have supplied three of the most commonly-used sizes for the beginner to tackle most projects: 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm. Plus the kit includes a metal yarn needle, vital for joining and finishing your crochet items.


The kit also includes one of my popular 100% recycled crocheters’ notepads. The notepad can be personalised with your own text on the front. It is the perfect size for keeping with your crochet projects for making notes as your crochet, and it also includes handy rulers on the inside cover.


Finally a gift voucher for 10% off any of my crochet patterns is included, for continuing your crochet journey. It is redeemable on Etsy or Ravelry.

Starter kit with everything you need to learn to crochet

Like all my products, I strive to make it as eco-friendly as possible at every stage. The box, labels and packaging are all recycled.

Buy the Crochet Starter Kit

Find the Crochet Starter Kit here in my online shop (it is not on Etsy as the cost would be prohibitive) or take a look at my “Build Your Own” Crochet Kit which contains all the above options and more!

Crochet Project Kits for those at Beginner Level

I have a number of crochet project kits which are suitable for beginners who have made a start learning the basics of crochet. If you already have a learn-to-crochet book or have made a start with online videos, take a look at these kits to practise your new skills:

I have written a further blog on the crochet skill levels of all my kits or how easy Little Conkers crochet kits are.

Find more information here about my full range of crochet kits.

Crochet Patterns for those at Beginner Level

I recommend my Simple Washcloths, Face Scrubbies, Eggs and Pear patterns for those who are just starting out in crochet. They use only basic stitches which will be covered in any teach-yourself-crochet book or tutorial you might be using.

Find all my patterns on Ravelry and LoveCrafts.

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