Period Costume

Historical Costume Tassels

Tassels for period costume collars

If you are involved in historical re-enactments, theatrical productions and the like, you might be on the look-out for tassels for falling band collars and similar period costume collars.

I designed these tassels to replicate those worn with 17th and 18th Century collars. More about that here.  They are hand-crocheted in fine, washable cotton thread and are the essential finishing touch to your historical costume.

I have created four typical styles of tassel. They range from 5-8cm (2-3inches) long.

These are only intended as costume items – they are not authentic in materials or method, since I believe the originals would have been tatted or made with lace-making techniques.

If you’d like to discuss you requirements pleaseĀ send me an e-mail or drop me a message.