Eco-friendly Home Decor

I think it’s natural to want to change the environment of our homes in tune with the seasons. Perhaps especially if we live somewhere without much access to nature. And alongside short-lived natural seasonal delights like glossy evergreens in deepest winter and delicate pastel blossoms in the springtime, I love getting out the decorations that we use year after year. From the salt-dough Easter eggs ornaments the children made for our spring twig tree, to the matching Christmas cushions and Christmas tree skirt that bring an instant transformation to the living room in December, it’s part of that familiarity of home that goes alongside the seasonal changes. I think my favourite part of dressing the Christmas tree, is actually taking the ornaments from their odd assortment of boxes. There’s always something you’ve forgotten, which then greets you like an old friend.

My dearest hope would be for one of my seasonal ornaments would become such a part of another family’s home decor. I’d love to think of them becoming a regular part of some else’s tradition.

On this page you will find a summary of all my handmade home décor, whether that is finished ornaments I make for you in natural and eco-friendly materials, or the patterns and kits you can use to make seasonal decorations for your own home.

Pear Ornaments

My pear ornaments are crocheted in a mix of bamboo, wool and organic cotton. Beautiful sustainable ornaments, whatever the season. Click a picture to visit an item in the Little Conkers shop.

Pinecone Ornaments

I have often said that my pine cone ornaments are my favourite of all the things I make, and it’s still true, even after all these years. The ethically-produced bamboo yarn that makes them so soft and glossy is an absolute delight to work with. Read more about my pine cone ornaments, ask me about a bespoke collection or click on a picture below to see an option in my shop.

Pumpkins and Gourds

As the year turns, the cheerfulness of a pumpkin is hard to beat, let alone my cute mini pumpkin sets and curiously-shaped gourds of all varieties. Your eco-friendly home decor for autumn wouldn’t be complete without them.

Make your own autumn decorations with my detailed, fully-illustrated crochet patterns for the same pumpkin and gourds. It’s such fun adding colour changes and variations to make each collection unique. Or you can find ready-made collections in the Little Conkers online shop by clicking on one of the pictures below.

Don’t forget you can always ask me about a bespoke collection to suit your own home decor, including unusual colours.

Eco-friendly Home Decor for Christmas

Read all about these terribly cute miniature Christmas trees in environmentally-friendly fibres on my blog, or click on a picture below to see one in my shop:

Make your own Christmas ornaments in classic colours or any colours of your choice with my hanging ornament crochet pattern or complete mini Christmas stocking crochet kit.

Eco-friendly Home Decor for Spring

It’s only natural as the days lengthen and nature is putting on her new clothes to want to bring the colours and freshness of spring inside our homes too.

Beautifully simple and simply beautiful, egg ornaments are a natural choice for this time of year. I make these in organic cotton in a range of colours, either as hanging ornaments or in a collection to arrange in a bowl or twig nest.

Alternatively, why not make your own spring decorations with my spring ornament crochet pattern, egg crochet pattern or complete egg crochet kit which contains the same beautiful eco-friendly organic cotton and natural wool stuffing I use myself.

Find more ideas for Easter creative crafts on my Pinterest board:

You can also find my seasonal ornaments in my Etsy shop at different times of the year.