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If I had to say in one phrase what Little Conkers is about, I’d say it’s about …. the creative urge.

I’ve had the urge to create since I was a child – sewing, crochet, writing, programming…

And for me, the buzz is mainly in using and enjoying the finished article.

Every time I use the rugged old shopping bags I made years ago from a remnant of upholstery fabric, I get a little warm glow of satisfaction. They’re not pretty, but they’ve repaid my investment a thousand times over.

I want to give you the same feeling of pride and accomplishment when you look at something you have made and think

I made that, and it’s great!

Some of my patterns are designed as quick, easy, frugal makes for families, where getting something made is more important than the process of creation.

Others are rather more frivolous, when you’ve got time to have a bit of fun.

But all my patterns have the same emphasis on adapting and customizing your creation to your own exact needs and desires.

You know that making your own or buying handmade means you can have something top quality, that will last and that is exactly suited to your individual ideas and preferences. The small range of finished items I offer are all open to your interpretation according to your specifications, you only need to ask.

Sustainable Ethical Eco-Friendly IMG_0580

And in everything I do, sustainability is my watchword. I couldn’t create a business that would add to the burdens on our planet.

Being an ethical business for me includes not perpetuating the pink-sparkly-princess / blue-tough-pirate stereotypes pushed at our children by mainstream retailers.

None of my items are or ever will be marketed as ‘for girls’ or ‘for boys’. All designs are for all children – why on earth wouldn’t they be?

You will occasionally find my crochet designs in magazines and other publications – this gives me the opportunity to be a little more adventurous than in the patterns I design for my own shop.

I can’t quite believe the journey Little Conkers has brought me on in a few short years. I’m in contact daily with people all around the world! My ambition has never been to make a big business or huge profit, however, it remains what it has always has been: to use my creative urge to help others to make things they are proud of.

Terms and Conditions

Although I’m a one-person outfit (well, my OH fixes the printer for me sometimes) I take my business responsibilities very seriously. I pay my taxes and comply with all applicable trading standards and legislation.

Please read my full Terms and Conditions before placing an order, which contains all relevant details about my business, and information on refunds and returns.

 No one has ever returned anything yet, but European distance selling rules require me to provide a downloadable Returns & Refunds Form – so there you go!