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_fbpAdvertisementThis cookie is set by Facebook to display advertisements when either on Facebook or on a digital platform powered by Facebook advertising, after visiting the website.3 months
tk_orAnalyticsThe tk_or is a referral cookie set by the JetPack plugin on sites using WooCommerce, which analyzes referrer behaviour for Jetpack.5 years
tk_r3dAnalyticsJetPack installs this cookie to collect internal metrics for user activity and in turn improve user experience.3 days
tk_lrAnalyticsThe tk_lr is a referral cookie set by the JetPack plugin on sites using WooCommerce, which analyzes referrer behaviour for Jetpack.1 year
_gaAnalyticsThe _ga cookie, installed by Google Analytics, calculates visitor, session and campaign data and also keeps track of site usage for the site’s analytics report. The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to recognize unique visitors.2 years
_gidAnalyticsInstalled by Google Analytics, _gid cookie stores information on how visitors use a website, while also creating an analytics report of the website’s performance. Some of the data that are collected include the number of visitors, their source, and the pages they visit anonymously.1 day
AnalyticsSet by Google to distinguish users.1 minute
fveAnalyticsThis is an Etsy analytics cookie used for first visits.1 year 1 month
user_prefsFunctionalEtsy sets this cookie to store user preferences (such as locale, delivery, preferred language).1 year
OtherNo description1 year
exp_hangoverOtherNo description available.5 months 27 days
uaidPerformanceThis is an Etsy browser cookie used for analytics, security, and site personalization.1 year

I check for changes to the above list monthly and after every major software update.

List last updated 13th April 2022

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