Mindful Snails

Hand crocheted snails to remind us of a lot of important lessons.

  • Slow down! Keep a snail wherever you need a reminder put the brakes on, physically or mentally.
  • Be grounded. Snails are really great at this!
  • It’s okay to hide. Sometimes we all need to retreat into our shell for a little restorative quiet time.

Perfect on a twig tree, and as a desk companion. Also available as key rings or bag charms.

These bright, mindful snails are made in 100% cotton and stuffed with natural British sheep’s wool. I avoid the use of cotton that is not organically-produced as far as possible, but this yarn was given to me by a client for whom I have designed some patterns, so the best thing I can do is to make use of every last bit I have left. Once this yarn is used up I will look for a sustainable alternative.

My snail is also available in ethically-sourced hand-dyed bamboo in more natural colours!