Last Ordering Dates for Christmas 2021

Here are my current recommended last ordering dates for delivery by Christmas 2021.

If you order by the date given below for your country/region, I will guarantee to have your item(s) in the post by the Royal Mail’s last recommended posting date for Christmas. Delivery time is not guaranteed, however, even for tracked services – ie, your items may still arrive after Christmas. In all cases, I strongly recommend ordering as early as you can to avoid any stress.

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caramel yoghurts in glass pots

Caramel Yoghurts

These super-simple caramel yoghurts will be popular with all the family. They use only store cupboard ingredients to make something a little bit special but still leave you with a natural starter yoghurt for your next batch of yoghurts. If you regularly make yoghurts like we do, you’ll know how important it is to ring the changes occasionally, and this easy recipe a perfect addition to your yoghurt-making repertoire.

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