Homemade Natural Yoghurt Recipe

My homemade natural yoghurt recipe is super simple if you are able to invest in the equipment you need. We rely on these yoghurts as our default dessert in our home – they are quite simply always in our fridge. The plain yoghurt recipe below is the one I use most often – I make a batch three or four times a week – but once you have tried these, you will certainly want to try out the many other yoghurt flavours and variations.

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Making homemade drinking yoghurt

Drinking Yoghurt Recipe

If you have a yoghurt maker, making delicious drinking yoghurt for the whole family couldn’t be easier. This drinking yoghurt recipe is the perfect solution if you want to add yoghurt to your child’s packed lunch – no spoons needed! It’s also delicious on breakfast cereal and muesli and is perfect for making into smoothies and milkshakes.

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