Zig-Zag Crochet Blanket

2022 is going to be a year where I’m going to try to crochet more for myself and my family. As a crochet designer, I love the design process: solving problems, working out the best way to achieve something. But it’s also very satisfying sometimes to enjoy some mindless, rhythmical crochet, long stretches of repetitiveRead more ⟶

Limited Edition – Eggs Crochet Kit with Earth Palette

My customers are so clever and often come up with suggestions for kits and ways to use my patterns that I haven’t thought of. This week one customer asked me for a different set of colours in my Eggs Crochet Kit, and I like the result so much, I’m offering it now as an optionRead more ⟶

Last Ordering Dates for Christmas 2021

Here are my current recommended last ordering dates for delivery by Christmas 2021. If you order by the date given below for your country/region, I will guarantee to have your item(s) in the post by the Royal Mail’s last recommended posting date for Christmas. Delivery time is not guaranteed, however, even for tracked services –Read more ⟶

How easy are your crochet kits?

I thought it might help to summarise on one page the range of skill levels that apply to my crochet kits. I indicate how easy each kit is in the product descriptions, but if you are browsing and want a shortlist of kits at the right crochet level for you or a friend, here’s allRead more ⟶

Extra-Special Thick Fruit Yoghurts

These thick, creamy yoghurts are so delicious you’d be forgiven for thinking they contained much more luxurious ingredients. Peach and raspberry are my family’s favourite variations, but you can make them in a wide range of flavours. They are perfect for serving to people who ‘don’t like yoghurt’ or visiting children who are used toRead more ⟶