Zig-Zag Crochet Blanket

2022 is going to be a year where I’m going to try to crochet more for myself and my family. As a crochet designer, I love the design process: solving problems, working out the best way to achieve something. But it’s also very satisfying sometimes to enjoy some mindless, rhythmical crochet, long stretches of repetitive stitches with no counting.

I had the best time last year making a Scrap Yarn crochet blanket that is now known in our family as The Frankenblanket, after the ball of yarn I made for it was called The Frankenball. Since we are all also freezing in our cold house and more blankets will be gratefully received, I made a plan to use up some more odd balls I have in another lap blanket.

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Little Conkers Craft Coffers

Surprise Crochet KitDoesn’t everyone love getting a surprise in the post?

Here is the Little Conkers Eco-Friendly Pre-Christmas Surprise Craft Coffer! (I may need to work on the name)

Surprise craft kits, delivered to your door, or to someone you love, for a sustainable, creative, crochet treat in the run-up to the festive season.



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