Set of mini yarn skeins is shades of green

Mini Skeins

I’ve just added something completely new to my new online shop – sets of the cutest little mini skeins for your delight and inspiration.

I’d never made a yarn skein before this week, but I think I might have found a new obsession! I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had sorting through my yarn stash and creating these new sets for you.

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This all came about because I’ve been having a major review of my yarn stock.

The discontinuation of more of the eco-friendly yarns I use for some of my crochet kits and other handmade items will be occupying me over the next few months as I search the world – literally – for suitable, sustainable alternatives. My Apple and Pear Crochet Kit is sadly now out of stock until I find a solution.

As I was reviewing my inventory, I realised I can do better with the odd yarns I still have in stock. I never, ever throw usable yarn away, so I have many half-balls of gorgeous yarns that I no longer use in my products. I also have yarns that were given to me by friends, publishers and manufacturers when I was designing something for them. Beautiful yarns, but for which, if I’m honest, I don’t really have a proper plan.

So this summer I’ve realised I can take a more positive approach to my stash. Fellow yarnies will understand that the ‘keeping it for a rainy day’ mentality and other sentimental reasons for holding on to yarns at some point needs to be addressed. So I’ve stood back, looked at my stash as a whole and thought “I can do better with this”.

And I really have found it a positive experience, pulling out everything and finding happy new yarn friendships that have triggered creative ideas. You will be seeing a few more one-off creations in my small gifts ranges, as I challenge myself to use of every bit of these yarns. Plus – the reason for today’s post – is that I’ve realised I can pass the inspiration on in the shape of my new mini skein sets!

A shout-out here to Christine Rival who created this video on how to make mini skeins. One of those cases where the first video I came across was so clear and complete that I had no need to even look for another.

What can I do with a mini skein?

Each of these mini skeins is 10m long. That’s enough yarn to make a small flower, leaf, motif, etc, add some surface crochet on a project or to test out a stitch with different weight yarns. Or how about trying some freeform crochet or knitting, or scrumbling? I’ve had such fun selecting the fibres and colours to make the most interesting sets I can. You might even find a fibre you’ve not experienced before – I have quite a bit of hemp fibre to include in these sets.

See my blog post for more ideas on what you can do with 10m of yarn or less.

I’m selling sets of six 10m mini skeins in colour-themed packs. They will often contain eco-friendly yarns, since that’s what I purchase myself, but will also contain other yarns that I am sometimes given.

The exact contents of each mini skein set is given on each listing.

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I think that one of these mini skein sets, plus one of my personalised notepads would make a fantastic gift for a knitter or crocheter!

I am also augmenting my gift sets for knitters and crocheters with the inclusion of two mini skeins. This is currently exclusive to my website, as it represents the fact I pay lower fees to sell items on my own website than I do on Etsy. (Did you know that on a gift set of £15 plus £2.20 P&P I pay as much as £4.37 in fees to Etsy? I’m not complaining, Etsy’s a fantastic platform, but people are often surprised when I explain that.)

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