Apple and Pear Fruit Crochet Kit

Fruit Crochet Kit – Apple and Pear

I’ve just updated my fruit crochet kit which contains everything you need to make an apple and a pear in lovely organic cotton.

Along with my other crochet kits, my apple and pear kit is also now presented in my even more eco-friendly box.

Apple and Pear Crochet Kit

The organic cotton I previously used in this kit, is now discontinued, so I’ve been on the hunt for a while for a replacement. I have finally found one with colours and quality I love.

The colours are more muted than in the past version of the kit, but I love the way it looks – a true greenish-yellow pear and a lovely blushing apple.

Apple and Pear Fruit Crochet Kit Contents

Of course the fruit crochet kit also contains everything else you need in addition to the yarn. It includes a detailed, fully-illustrated pattern printed on 100% recycled paper, lovely fluffy natural wool stuffing, a bamboo crochet hook (optional) a blunt-tipped yarn needle and a gift tag handmade by me from waste cardboard with a recycled cotton tie.

The whole is presented in a handsome recycled, reusable box and makes a lovely gift for anyone crafty.

Contents of the fruit crochet kit

This fruit crochet kit is a great way to practice your 3D crochet skills if you’re new to amigurumi and similar patterns, due to their relatively simple shapes (no paws or faces!)

Apple Pear from the Fruit Crochet Kit

Find the kit in my online shop:

You can also find the Apple and Pear Crochet Kit in my Etsy shop

Apple and Pear Crochet Patterns

If you prefer you can download the digital patterns for the apple and pear individually on Etsy, Ravelry or LoveCrafts, along with my other fruit and vegetable patterns.

The paper patterns, presented in a gift folder are available in my shop here:

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