Free Sewing and Crochet Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns

How to crochet an i-cord

How to crochet an i-cord

Detailed photo-tutorial on how to crochet an i-cord in different sizes.

Includes how to properly finish the end of your i-cord as a tube. 

Perfect for the handles on my miniature amphorae!

How to join crochet squares

Detailed photo-tutorial on my favourite method of joining crochet squares using a slip stitch technique.

Includes lots of tips and tricks.

Perfect for joining my Heart Squares, Wedding Ring Squares or any other afghan blocks.

Leaf Garland Pattern

Free Pattern for a crocheted leaf garland

Very versatile pattern for a garland, tie-back, scarf, belt, necklace, napkin rings, washing line…

See full details and download the PDF pattern for free from Ravelry or from LoveCrafts.

EU Flag

Crochet pattern for an EU flag.

Really quick and easy pattern to crochet the Flag of the European Union.

Can be made the size of your choice.

Explore more crochet patterns and my complete crochet kits:

Free Sewing Pattern

Simple Handkerchiefs and Baby Wipes

Baby wipes and handkerchiefs in flannelette

Really easy sewing instructions for both washable baby wipes and soft handkerchiefs. Money-saving family essentials that anyone can make. Includes information on cheap sources of suitable fabrics.

If you’re new to the idea of using washable baby wipes, or want to encourage a friend, download these notes on using and washing your wipes. Includes my free baby wipe solution recipe on a card to print out and keep.