How to crochet an EU Flag

European Union Flag Crochet Pattern

Should you happen to be wanting a European flag crochet pattern, here’s a really quick and simple one for you to make.

European Union Flag Crochet Pattern

Make the flag any size you like.
In DK (light worsted-weight, Category 3 yarn) with 3.5mm hook, the finished flag is approximately 14cm x 9cm.
In Aran (worsted-weight, Category 4 yarn) with a 4.5mm hook, the finished flag is approximately 16cm x 10.5cm.

The pattern is in UK terminology – if you prefer US terms, just replace ‘dc’ with ‘sc’ and work everything else the same.

The flag is worked back-and-forth from one of the short edges.

With blue yarn, make 18ch.
Row 1: dc in second ch from hook and each ch to end (17dc).
Rows 2-27: 1ch, turn, dc in each dc across (17dc).
Cut yarn and fasten off.

Decide which side is to be the back, and weave in yarn tails on that side.

With yellow yarn, embroider twelve stars in a circle. Each star can be made of three straight stitches. The top and bottom stars of the circle should be made over Row 14 of the flag.

If you want the flag to be double-sided, the easiest solution may be to make two identical flags and sew them wrong sides together.

Pattern to crochet an EU Flag

I have based my flag on the principals used by Solmuteoriaa in his wonderful series of crochet patterns for all the flags of the European Union. Please do take a look at his pages.

Crochet European Flags
European Flags Crochet Patterns by Solmuteoriaa

I can’t express how perfect I think his idea to create these patterns are. It appeals immensely to my sense of order and accuracy that he has been to the trouble of making each flag in its correct proportions too.

I have used the same basis as Solmuteoriaa patterns, so that if you go on to make any of his flags, this EU flag will be to the same scale. The EU Flag has a proportion of 2:3.

You could if you liked work the stars on the flag by crocheting appropriate stitches in yellow, rather than adding them afterwards, but I didn’t have time to chart that, and to be honest I think this is quicker and easier this way to achieve an even circle.

Crochet pattern for an EU flag.

I don’t really ‘do’ politics in public, but the last 12 months has taught me that perhaps I need to, so this is my tiny contribution, and the first thing I have ever done that can really be classed as #craftivism. Mostly I feel my crochet is pretty futile in the great scheme of things, but craft can make a difference, and not just in providing us with a refuge from scary things. The Pussy Hat was a powerful example in the last few months.

Anyhow, there is the pattern if you’d like to use it. I’m going to put my flag in my car.

EU Flag Crochet Pattern on Ravelry

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