Fruit and Vegetables

Handmade to order for you, these crocheted fruit and vegetables make wonderful decorations in your home. Depending on the items ordered, I use organic cotton, cotton, hemp and bamboo yarns – no synthetics here! All pieces are stuffed with 100% natural British sheep’s wool. Gently hand-washable.

Guide prices (please ask for a specific quote):

  • £7 for most individual items
  • £17 for three pieces
  • £20 for four pieces
  • £29.75 for six pieces
  • £39.50 for eight pieces

Subject to availability, choose from: red apple, green apple, orange, lemon, banana, pear, strawberry, carrot (with leaves), a pair of cherries, tomato, aubergine/eggplant, French breakfast radish, cauliflower floret, broccoli floret, mushroom, onion, potato.

Sweetcorn is available at £18, a turnip for £10 and green or purple grapes for £14.

Order through my Etsy shop or contact me.

Please note – these items are not toys and are not suitable for those under the age of fourteen. This is because they have not been tested, and therefore not passed the test, for a CE mark.