International Delivery from Little Conkers

I love that my items travel all over the world, and I have always tried to make international ordering as seamless as my domestic orders.

All international orders are sent by the Royal Mail’s International Tracked service and you will receive a tracking number when your parcel is dispatched.

See below for further specific details on delivery to your region.

Delivery to an EU Member State

Due to the UK’s departure from the EU, from 1st July 2021 it is no longer possible for me to send parcels from the UK to the EU without paying VAT, plus in some instances import duties and additional handling fees. This will affect your order in different ways, depending on where you make your purchase:

Purchases on the Little Conkers website

I am awaiting the development of a solution by the Royal Mail which will allow customers on my website to pay VAT up front, when placing an order. However, until that method is available, parcels will be delivered “DDU” or “Delivered Duties Unpaid”.

This means that if you purchase on my website, you will be required to pay VAT, import duties and handling fees to the carrier when you receive your package, according to the value and nature of the item.

If you would like to avoid this, please purchase on Etsy (see below).

Your parcel will be clearly labelled with a CN22 form and all necessary customs information (country of origin, weight, value, HS Code, etc) to allow it to pass as smoothly as possible through the system and to ensure you are charged the correct amount.

It is your responsibility to inform yourself of the applicable duties and charges in your country, but please do drop me a line if you have any questions about this. You may be able to find online calculators to help you determine the additional costs you are likely to incur.

Purchases from the Little Conkers Etsy shop

Etsy will automatically add VAT at your country’s rate to the price you pay on Etsy, meaning you will have no further duties or fees to pay when you receive your package.

Your parcel will be clearly labelled with a CN22 form and all necessary customs information (country of origin, weight, value, HS Code, etc) to allow it to pass smoothly through the system and to ensure no further charges are applied.

Delivery to non-EU Countries

For delivery to addresses outside the UK and EU, your parcel will be delivered “DDU” or “Delivered Duties Unpaid”. This has not changed in many years and is how all my parcels have always been successfully delivered all around the world. This is the same whether you purchase on Etsy or here on my own website.

This means that if your order has a value over the customs threshold for the given type(s) of item for your country, you may be asked to pay additional import duties plus, potentially, handling charges to the postal service.

No customer of mine has ever reported having to do this, because as far as I am aware, my items are all below the thresholds likely to incur import duties in most countries.

For example, at the time of writing, I believe the threshold for United States Customs and Border Protection to clear items without any additional duties is $800 (see here). I am not an expert however, and you should inform yourself via your country’s own official sources.

Your parcel will be appropriately packaged and clearly labelled with a CN22 form and all necessary customs information (country or origin, weight, value, HS Code, etc) which will allow it to pass as swiftly as possible through the system.

I have shipped many hundred of parcels all over the world over the years with no issues, so you can buy in complete confidence.

I have never and would never misrepresent the value or contents of a package, or label a package incorrectly as a ‘Gift’ on the CN22 form, in order to avoid you paying customs duties, so please don’t ask me to.

If you have any queries at all about placing an order for international shipping, do please drop me a line and I can explain how it will work for you in detail.

Please also ensure you read my Terms and Conditions for more information of delivery schedules, returns, etc.

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