The Jumper is Finished!

Drops Design Garn Studio Ginny Sweater

It’s finished! I’ve really finished my jumper, and I’m wearing it as I type!

Thus ends the tale of my prototype DROPS Design Ginny Jumper which is long enough to be a Scandinavian saga.

Drops Design Garn Studio Ginny Sweater

I’ve woven in all the yarn ends and everything. And I’ve used some of the yarn tails to pre-emptively re-inforce the inside of the elbows. A stitch in time…

The jumper has a lot of things going for it. I love the colour, which is just the same as my eyes (the blue parts, not the red parts). I really like the shape of the collar. I wonder if it might be even better in a rib, though, to match the hem and cuffs.

Drops Design Garn Studio Ginny Sweater

The length of the body is perfect, just as I wanted it. It could definitely do with deeper ribbing at the bottom hem though, to match the ribbing at the cuffs.

However the main problem with it is it’s clearly too wide in the body. The sleeves (which are perfect) don’t sit well in the arm holes (the armholes are too deep for the sleeve caps). The result is it gives me the shoulders of an American footballer, and the waistline is really not attractive:

I’m pretty sure the yarn is going to fluff and then bobble something awful, so I’m not expecting any stitch definition to remain.

However, for its purpose – a very warm jumper with non-baggy sleeves – and considering how I started, it will do the job perfectly,  and I think I’m even happy to wear it out of the house under a coat. As a prototype for a possible future jumper in more expensive yarn, it has also certainly served its purpose, as I have pages and pages of notes that will help me make it again more quickly (not hard) and maybe even allow me to adjust the fit.

Drops Design Garn Studio Ginny Sweater

I’m just going to take some final measurements, then I’ll force myself to remove all the coloured yarn tags I use to keep track of what I’m doing.

I’ve got a little yarn left over, so I’m going to make a headband/earwarmers and a cowl if possible. So it hasn’t entirely put me off knitting forever – in fact it make smaller projects seem more approachable!

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