Jumper Update

Drops Design Garn Studio Ginny SweaterI’ve finished the main part of the jumper and the first sleeve. I’m beginning to hope I might actually get to the end of this project with a wearable article of clothing!




I’m knitting a jumper from the DROPS Design Ginny pattern.

The sleeve was quite a challenge for me, as the fact I am using the stitch count from one side and the measurements from another size means some additional fudging was needed to make it work, but I’m pleasantly surprised that the result seems to look right.


Drops Design Garn Studio Ginny Sweater


Having only an 80cm cable needle available, I realised the sleeve could be a problem, but the internet informed me that this could be done with something called the ‘Magic Loop Method’. Turns out it’s not any particular technique, just a way of moving your stitches on a long cable, so that was no problem and saved me buying 8mm double-pointed needles.



Drops Design Garn Studio Ginny SweaterIt’s an amusing point that the single paragraph of the pattern that describes all six sizes of the sleeve, when I write it out for one size takes six pages of notes. There’s such admirable brevity in these kind of hardcore knitting patterns, it’s like the knitting equivalent of machine code. It’s a free pattern, so I wouldn’t of course expect them to spell things out any more. Absolutely nothing is missing, it is entirely complete, but for beginner and reluctant knitters like myself, there’s an awful lot of a knowledge you need to find elsewhere or extrapolate.


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