Jumper Update

Time for a quick update on progress with my jumper!

I’m knitting a jumper from the DROPS Design Ginny pattern and I’m now on Round 77, which considering the last few weeks are the busiest of the year for me, counts as formidable progress.






The pattern doesn’t have round numbers, and gives measurements instead, but I can’t cope without round numbers, and have to write them down as I go along.




It seems to be coming out a reasonable size this time too, unlike my first attempt! I haven’t reached the point I’d got to in the pattern last time before I frogged it yet though, which will be my first real milestone in this project.

Somewhere along the line I picked up an extra stitch, so had to add an extra decrease around Round 70 (as I can’t unravel knitting in a controlled way, only frog entire things, and I can’t face doing that again!)



My Ginny Jumper Project on Ravelry

My Ginny Jumper Project on LoveCrochet

I’m determined to make the most of the couple of weeks over Christmas while I haven’t got so much to make for Little Conkers and really strive to get this finished.

But my dear OH made the mistake of referring to me having the next two weeks “off” this morning! Tonight I need to make a start on the Christmas cards and the menus and food shopping, and tomorrow hopefully take the kiddies out for a Christmas tree…

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