Crocheted Amphorae

Amphorae Crochet Pattern

I made some little crochet amphorae! Yes I did, and now you can too!

I’m so pleased to have finally got this amphora crochet pattern written up. It’s been an itch I’ve needed to scratch for ages, and its the longest and most detailed pattern I’ve written to date.

Scroll down for the links to download this pattern.

I just think the shapes are so beautiful, and since I’m never going to get near an actual potters wheel (people would get hurt) I wanted to replicate them in the medium I know best.

Amphorae Crochet Pattern

In another life I’d like to have studied archeology. This crochet amphora pattern contains three designs, taken from antique examples:

From left to right that’s a transport amphora, something like a panathenaic amphora and a general sort of fineware amphora.

I really like saying “panathenaic” too.

The third shape stands up on its own (many types of amphora didn’t) and so can also be used as a little vase, with or without handles.

I asked E to bring me a flower from the garden for the photographs, and she managed to find the brightest and most enormous tulip you can imagine (I was hoping for lady’s smock or bluebells), but you get the idea!

The pattern includes the i-cord technique to create the sinuous handles – fully explained in great detail. And a tutorial on invisible decreasing – a must for 3D crochet projects like this one.

Download the Amphorae Crochet Pattern

Click below for more details about the patterns in all the usual places:

Amphorae Crochet Kit

You can also purchase a printed gift pattern or the complete kit to make these three amphorae. The kit includes recycled cotton yarn, vintage fabric, natural wool stuffing and a bamboo crochet hook. Both make lovely gifts for an archeology-loving crocheter, or a crochet-loving archeologist!

What’s that? “niche market” you say? Well, yes, I realise there may not be a huge demand for amphora crochet patterns, but if I can’t design things just for the joy of it then what’s the point, right?

Do you know, I’m dying to get hold of some chocolate money to fill one up – I don’t know why, but I think pouring a shower of chocolate money from a miniature crocheted amphora is something I need to do. They could hang on a twig tree with little messages rolled up inside too.


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