Crocheted squares with raised heart motifs

Heart Square Crochet Pattern

Here’s a brand new crochet pattern for a heart square or block that you can use to build a blanket or in many other projects.

I was designing this in February, taking inspiration from all the hearts floating about around Valentine’s Day, but it’s perfect for a baby blanket, or a wedding gift too. You create the subtle but sweet heart design with raised stitches as you progress in the round.

Scroll down for the links to download this pattern.


I’ve not published any crochet square designs before, but when you find a design you like, they are such a useful thing to have in your pattern library. When you finish another project, you can whip up a square or two with any leftover yarn, and before you know it you have the makings of a blanket without even trying. They’re highly portable projects too.


Pattern Details

The finished square is 15cm or 6inches when worked with a 4.5mm hook and DK (Category 3, light worsted weight) yarn. Of course you can use lighter or heavier yarn and a suitable hook to make larger or smaller squares. The pale blue-green examples on this page are made with Stylecraft Special DK in Duck Egg (1820).

I have also created a matching plain square design to complement the heart design. Mix and match these two designs in any way you like. You can also combine them with other 15cm / 6 inch squares to create a blanket, rug, shawl, table runner or other project. If you are combining these squares with others, you may find it helpful to know the finished squares are 24 stitches along each edge.


As I designed this square, I also had in mind communal projects where groups of knitters and/or crocheters collaborate to submit squares to create blankets for charity or a community project.

Knit for Peace is one charity in the UK that makes use of knitted and crocheted squares. If you don’t already, please follow them on your favourite social media and join their mailing list. In addition to knitting and crocheting items for donation, there are many other ways you can support them. Their monthly raffle is a must-do for any yarn-lover!

In order to keep the design practical for charity projects, I made sure the design has no large lacy holes or loopy bits. Also, the last round of the square is variable so that, if several different people are making squares for a joint project, you can make sure they all come out at a required size, even if you are all using slightly different tensions. Details are given in the pattern.


Joining your Squares

If you’re making these heart crochet squares into a blanket, wrap or any other project, you can use your favourite joining method or take a look at this detailed tutorial on my favourite no-sew method for joining crochet squares. The pattern includes links to this tutorial so you won’t have to hunt about for it.

Heart Square Crochet Pattern Download Links

Download the digital pattern in the following places:

Working on this square has inspired me with ideas for a few more crochet square designs which I will be publishing in due course.

Sharing your finished make

If you go on to make this pattern, I’d love to know how you get on!

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