Crochet kit for a ducking in a box

Organic Cotton Duckling Details

I’m so pleased to have finally been able to source organic cotton in the perfect colours for the details in my duckling crochet kits.

Up until now, the yarn I included for the eyes, beak and feet of the ducklings was a bamboo-cotton blend. While bamboo is usually considered sustainable option, conventionally-produced cotton very much is not, which is why you won’t find it in any of my other eco-friendly crochet kits – the duckling kit was the only one which included it in this small way.

Crochet kit to make a mallard duckling in a brown box

The yarn you will now find included in the duckling kits for the eyes, beak and feet is 100% organic cotton. The colour and feel of the yarn is very similar to the previous yarn, and gives the perfect smooth texture to contrast with the fluffy organically-farmed wool used for the head and body of the duckling.

Box containing yarn, crochet pattern and crochet hooks

I have always built sustainability into all my products from the day I set up Little Conkers, just as we try to live as sustainably as possible in our home life. This small change is one example of how I’m always looking for what else I can do to improve things.

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