Crochet kit to make a mallard duckling in a brown box

Duckling Crochet Kit

Available now – a complete duckling crochet kit for my popular duckling crochet pattern!

Read on for all the details about this eco-friendly crochet kit which is a lovely project for you, or gift for someone crafty.

Ever since I published my duckling crochet pattern I have been looking for suitable, eco-friendly materials to enable me to add it to my range of crochet kits. I have been asked about it many times too, so I’m so pleased to now be able to offer one!

Duckling Crochet Kit

I finally sourced a 100% merino wool, that is soft and delicious and a dream to crochet. The sheep are organically farmed in the Falklands, and their wool is spun into yarn at a mill in the British Isles. The yarn also fluffs up beautifully to create the most adorable fluffy ducklings. Wool is an annually-renewable resource and completely biodegradable.

The kit also contains smooth organic cotton yarn to complete the eyes, beak and feet, and as always, lovely, squishy, natural carded wool for stuffing.

Crochet kit for a ducking in a box

The kit includes a a blunt-tipped yarn needle for sewing up and finishing your project, and a secret weapon which you will use for the fluffing of your duckling. Optionally, you can choose to include a gorgeous bamboo crochet hook in the size required to complete the pattern. The top-quality Pony crochet hooks, made of 100% natural bamboo, are smooth, strong, flexible and warm to the touch – read more about my crochet hooks.

Box containing yarn, crochet pattern and crochet hooks

The 20-page pattern is printed on 100% recycled paper and the tissue paper inside the box is also 100% recycled. The box itself and the label on the front are recycled and recyclable and – now that I have replaced the self-adhesive labels I previously used – entirely plastic free.

I’m still working to see if I can remove the one remaining piece of plastic present in this kit to make it entirely plastic-free and even more eco-friendly.

Duckling Crochet Kit Links

You can buy the duckling crochet kit now in my online shop:

If you prefer to order on Etsy, please see the duckling crochet kit here.

You can also buy just the pattern, printed and in a gift folder, which makes a great, easy-to-post gift. Paper and folder 100% recycled of course!

Little Conkers Duckling crochet pattern

If you’d like just the duckling crochet pattern as a digital download, here are the links to all the usual places:

Do let me know what you think of the kit on social media, and share any pictures of ducklings you have made using the hashtag #LittleConkers so I can find your post!

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