Granny Stripe Blanket Dashboard

Granny Stripe Blanket Update

Without this blanket dashboard for my granny stripe blanket, there is no way I’d have made this much progress. It is totally the visual support I needed to keep me at it. My rate of progress has dropped a bit, but I’m still looking good to meet my September target I think.

Granny Stripe Blanket Progress
Granny Stripe Blanket Dashboard
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The rate of rows I need to complete every day has gone up to 1.3 now, but seeing I’ve only got 57 rows left to go is a real spur to me now. That seems like a number I can get my head around, plus I’m now fairly confident I have enough wool left, at least for the rows.

Crochet Granny Stripe Blanket

This dashboard concerns only the main, ‘horizontal’ rows of this blanket as I explained in my original post about the Granny Stripe Blanket Dashboard. After that I have the border to do, which I don’t think I’ll need extra motivation for, or else I will create a new, separate dashboard for that.

And there’s the weaving in of the ends, of course. Gulp.

This looks like way more that two ends per row, although I know it isn’t really, it’s much less. Many will be taken care of by the border too.

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