Last Ordering Dates for Christmas 2021

Here are my current recommended last ordering dates for delivery by Christmas 2021.

If you order by the date given below for your country/region, I will guarantee to have your item(s) in the post by the Royal Mail’s last recommended posting date for Christmas. Delivery time is not guaranteed, however, even for tracked services – ie, your items may still arrive after Christmas. In all cases, I strongly recommend ordering as early as you can to avoid any stress.

You will be aware from the news that various predictions are being made about supply and delivery difficulties as we get closer to Christmas 2021, on top of the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus, so I can only suggest you would be wise to place your order as early as possible this year. None of my items are perishable, after all, and will happily store (in a dry environment) until the big day.

Due to the popularity of my kits, I’m finding it harder and harder to make time to crochet many items – my robin ornaments and pine cones for example – so if they are something you have your eye on, I suggest you grab them as soon as you see them in stock, as I may not be able to restock.

If I receive a large quantity of orders I may have to move the dates below forward, and you risk being disappointed if you haven’t placed your order.

I can of course send items directly to a recipient for you. If you’d still like to order early in this case, I can mark the parcels “Don’t open until Christmas” on the outside, if you let me know during the checkout process.

The Royal Mail has been performing brilliantly in difficult circumstances, but the risk for additional delays beyond what might be expected on a ‘normal’ Christmas remains. Please see the Royal Mail’s Service Updates page for current information on UK and international deliveries.

If a fixed delivery date is really important to you, please contact me and we can look into a guaranteed service.

Overseas customers should please read my specific information on International Deliveries.

Please always read my full Terms and Conditions.

Ready-to-ship Items

This includes my kits, gift sets, personalised notepads, printed patterns, crochet hook sets, most brooches, some key fobs and some greetings cards.

  • Africa, Middle East, Far East & Asia, Caribbean, Central & South America
    — 28th November
  • New Zealand & Australia — 2nd December
  • Cyprus, Malta — 6th December
  • Greece, Turkey & Eastern Europe — 8th December
  • United States & Canada — 9th December
  • Scandinavia & Northern Europe — 9th December
  • Western Europe excl. France — 12th December
  • France — 14th December
  • UK Mainland (standard shipping) — 15th December
  • UK Mainland (tracked 24-hour shipping) — 18th December

Made-to-order Items

This includes my pinecones, hanging ornaments, miniature Christmas trees, smaller sets of fruit and vegetables, some small gifts, some brooches and some greetings cards.

  • Africa, Middle East, Far East & Asia, Caribbean, Central & South America
    — 18th November
  • New Zealand & Australia — 22nd November
  • Cyprus, Malta — 26th November
  • Greece, Turkey & Eastern Europe — 28th November
  • United States & Canada — 29th November
  • Scandinavia & Northern Europe — 29th November
  • Western Europe excl. France — 2nd December
  • France — 4th December
  • UK Mainland (standard shipping) — 5th December
  • UK Mainland (tracked 24-hour shipping) — 9th December

Larger and Bespoke Orders

This includes custom designs, sets of six or more fruit and vegetables, large orders of hanging ornaments and anything I am making specifically for you.

  • Africa, Middle East, Far East & Asia, Caribbean, Central & South America
    — 24th October
  • New Zealand & Australia — 31st October
  • Cyprus, Malta — 5th November
  • Greece, Turkey & Eastern Europe — 6th November
  • United States & Canada — 7th November
  • Scandinavia & Northern Europe — 7th November
  • Western Europe excl. France — 11th November
  • France — 13th November
  • UK Mainland (standard shipping) — 14th November
  • UK Mainland (tracked 24-hour shipping) — 21st November

Eco-friendly Gift-Wrapping for Etsy Products

Don’t forget, I can always ship directly to your recipient to save time, and can include eco-friendly gift wrapping on most items.

If you order after the last posting date for your country/region, or are not ordering for Christmas, that’s absolutely fine, please place your order as normal. I will continue to process your order in the usual timescales, but note that I will not be posting any items between 22nd December 2021 and 2nd January 2022 inclusive. The Royal Mail’s delivery schedule will also be affected by the Christmas and New Year Bank Holidays.

Digital Items

You can continue to download my digital crochet patterns throughout the holidays from all the usual places:

However, please note that if you have a question about a pattern or any other query, I will not be able to answer your questions whilst I’m offline between 23rd and 28th December 2021 inclusive.

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