Tracking Knitting Progress

A few weeks ago I shared some tips on how to regain your motivation with a knitting or crochet project when you’re struggling. I’m currently making a ballet wrap for my youngest which I am not loving…

Knitting progress notes

I’m tracking my progress on a spreadsheet and here’s how it’s going:

It’s not going brilliantly – I didn’t meet my targets and have had to shift them, but having to look at the spreadsheet does force me to keep at it. I really find it helps me achieve more than I would otherwise be doing.

It definitely feels like I’m on the home strait now. Unfortunately the home strait is two very long, 8-stitch wide ties that nearly sent me over the edge last time I made this ballet wrap (and that was in a smaller size). I’m thinking of teaching myself Tunisian crochet just to make the ties, to avoid having to knit them!

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