Crocheted Cheval Set

Cheval Set Crochet Pattern

Waaaaaay back in autumn 2020, I designed a crochet pattern for a cheval set. This is a set of pretty mats or doilies – traditionally a larger oval mat and two or more smaller round mats – that were used on a dressing table to protect it from jars, perfume bottles, brushes, etc, and to look pretty!

This set of mats would also work on a dining table, or on your working-from-home desk.

Scroll down for the links to download this pattern.

Crocheted Cheval Set

The oval mat in particular was fun to design, as the stitch increases and repeats in ovals are a great deal harder to calculate than in a circle.

The design was for dutch yarn manufacturer Scheepjes to showcase their Scheepjes Legacy yarn. The ongoing effects of the pandemic delayed publication somewhat, but the cheval set pattern has now been published in the beautiful YARN – The After Party pattern collection.

One of the best things about designing for pamphlets and magazines, is that they take much prettier photos of the items than I can!

The Small Mat is 20cm (8in) in diameter; the oval Centre Mat is 28 x 36cm (11 x 14┬╝in).

Oval crocheted doily

Scheepjes Legacy is a pure cotton yarn, available mercerised and unmercerised, in pure white and classic ecru in a range of thicknesses. For this dressing table set, you need just one skein of the mercerised Scheepjes Legacy yarn in no. 12.

If you make this set, do give me a nudge on social media, as I do love to see how people interpret my patterns. Or pin this post now to save it for the future:

Cheval Set Crochet Pattern

Cheval Set Crochet Pattern Links

The crochet pattern is available as a hardcopy booklet in Dutch, UK English and German available from Scheepjes Retailers, or as a digital download in those languages and more from Ravelry.

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