Crocheted snail in pastel colours

Snail Crochet Pattern

Pretty pastel snails have been proliferating at Conker Corner recently as I’ve given my popular snail crochet pattern a refresh. The crochet pattern itself hasn’t changed, but I’ve brought the pattern documents up to date with my current layout and style for maximum readability and clarity.

Scroll down for the links to download this pattern.

My snail crochet pattern – with which you can also make handsome slugs – is certainly one of my less mainstream patterns, but has always received great reviews:

“An instant download of a very detailed tutorial for the lovely snail and also the precis – just the pattern, 15 pages in all. It’s amazingly clever how Clare has created the shell shape.”

Anna B, 2019

Watching that wonderful whorl appear in the shell is the best part of this pattern.

Crocheted snail in turquoise yarn

As I discovered when I first designed this pattern, snail shells are usually dextral (they whorl clockwise from the apex to the opening) rather than sinistral (whorling anti-clockwise). This has changed over time. But the dextral tendency presents a particular problem if you want to crochet a snail shell because crochet for right-handers goes from right to left.

Crocheted Snail Shell


I must talk a little about the gorgeous yarn you can see here. When I had it in mind to review my snail pattern, this gorgeous yarn appeared in my Instagram timeline and I immediately knew I wanted to use it to crochet some new snails to photograph.

These lovely mini skeins by Chloe of Blossom & Bailey were originally inspired by those pretty pastel mini eggs you get around Easter. But as soon as I saw this subtly flecked yarn I knew it would also be perfect for a different kind of shell!

Chloe is taking a break from yarn dying at the moment, but she has some cute knitting and crochet patterns you should check out.

You only need a small amount of yarn for a slug or snail, so they’re a great project for a mini skein set in any colours that inspire you. They’re also perfect for yarn oddments you may already have knocking about.

And if you’d like some more ideas for what to crochet with small quantities of yarn like these, read my “What Can I Do with 5 Metres of Yarn” blog.

“I’ve made a whole mess of slugs thanks to this amazing pattern, and I couldn’t be happier! Had been searching for a while for slug patterns and this one turned out to be perfect! Very well written with lots of details and I super appreciate the smaller version I could use once I was used to making it. […] One of my top favorite pattern purchases. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!!! I love every detail you added.”

Valentina, 2020

About this Snail Pattern

You can make these snails any size, by using the yarn of your choice and a matching crochet hook. Lots of information is provided in the pattern on sizing and quantities of yarn.

🟪 I rate this pattern as advanced. It is suitable for crocheters experienced at keeping count and a consistent tension when working with a range of different stitches.

All unusual stitches and techniques are fully explained in the pattern and lots of tips are included.

Like all my patterns, it is available in both UK and US crochet versions, in two separate documents for maximum ease of reading.

Crocheted Snail Pattern

Don’t forget that all my patterns are also available printed and in a gift folder. These are perfect for giving as a present to someone crafty. If you don’t see the printed pattern you want listed already in my shop, just drop me a line and I’ll add it.

Snail Crochet Pattern Links

Download the digital snail crochet pattern instantly on your preferred platform below:

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