Crocheted Robin from Little Conkers Pattern

Robin Crochet Pattern by Little Conkers

Here is everything you need to know about my signature robin crochet pattern!

Until it was overtaken by my crochet duckling my robin crochet pattern was my most-loved, and it still remains very popular throughout the year. The robin was after all voted the UK’s favourite bird!

crocheted robin

The pattern tries to capture the robin as realistically a possible in all its attractive rotundity.

crocheted birds

However, the same pattern can be used to make other kinds of birds too, of course – whether real or imaginary!

The robin can be made successfully in any yarn that is not stretchy, meaning that the robin will hold its shape when stuffed. Like all Little Conkers crochet patterns, the robin pattern includes information on choosing your yarn and stuffing materials. Below you can see the robin made in a pure wool yarn (left) and a matte cotton yarn (right).

Worked with a 3.5mm hook and DK (light worsted weight, Category 3) yarn, the finished robin is approximately 8cm long, but you can vary the size by changing yarn and hook. The pattern contains all the information you need on yarn quantities.

This robin pattern is not one I recommend for beginners at crochet – you need to be confident at counting your stitches, and keeping an even tension whilst changing colour. But every step of the process is illustrated, and the pattern of course comes with my full support if you have any questions. Plus do take a look at other people’s reviews of this pattern on Etsy.


Great pattern, clear and easy to follow and I made a cute little Robin in just 2 hours

Ellie – 2022


Excellent pattern, easy to follow – perfect. Highly recommend!

Joanna – 2020


What a lovely pattern. The pattern is wonderful, so easy to follow. The pictures are detailed and help you check your work as you go along. The detailed pattern instructions are easy to follow. The extra help and tips are great, especially the help on changing colour – I have always struggled to change colour but the instructions really helped me master the skill. Wonderful – thanks you

Sarah – 2015

A few year back, my robin pattern was used by Attic24 to complete her Winter Wreath. You can have so much fun with the wreath idea, there are so many possibilities. Read all about Attic 24’s Winter Wreath process.

Robin Crochet Pattern Links

Follow one of the links below for full details about the robin pattern and an instant pattern download on your preferred platform:

Robin Crochet Kit

The robin pattern is also available right here as a complete, eco-friendly kit containing everything you need:

The kit contains the pattern, gorgeous organically-farmed merino wool, natural wool stuffing and all the tools and notions you need to create one robin. It makes a beautiful gift for anyone crafty.

You can also find the robin kit on Etsy.

The robin kit is just one of my range of eco-friendly crochet kits.

Crocheted Robin from Little Conkers Pattern