Crocheted bananas and banana peel

Banana and Banana Peel Crochet Pattern

I have just thoroughly overhauled my banana crochet pattern and am publishing the shiny new version today!

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The banana crochet pattern was one of the first I published and has been consistently popular over the years. Although I regularly carry out minor updates and tweaks on my patterns, the step-by-step pictures in the banana pattern were no longer up to my best standard and needed re-taking, so this time I’ve taken the opportunity to thoroughly review the design itself too and to make some improvements.

The new banana design is a little sturdier, a little sleeker with a smoother curve and contains some clever tricks to make it easier to work. It is still worked end-to-end – unlike most other banana patterns you will find which are worked in the round – because this creates the most realistic-looking banana skin.

Crocheted bananas


I was never entirely happy with the banana stalk in the old design, so the new design uses a crocheted i-cord for a perfectly-proportioned finishing touch. The new pattern contains a complete tutorial on the crochet i-cord technique, which is also available for free here on my blog. However, if you don’t want to use the i-cord technique, the pattern contains an alternative method for the stalk too.

Banan Peel Crochet Pattern

In a completely new and fun addition, my banana pattern now includes a banana skin pattern! It just seemed a natural progression, as I was working on the new banana, to see if I could create just the skin, and I’m really pleased with the result.

Crocheted banana skin


You can make your bananas any size you like, by using the yarn of your choice and a matching crochet hook. For a life-sized banana like those in these photographs (approximately 16cm/6.25 inches long) you need DK (light worsted, Category 3) weight yarn and a 3.5mm hook.

About this Banana Crochet Pattern

🟪 I rate this pattern as advanced. It contains some unusual stitches and techniques, including the i-cord technique. You need to be confident keeping count of your stitches even when they are hard to see. You need to be able to keep a consistent tension when working with a range of different stitches.

That said, all unusual stitches and techniques are fully explained in the pattern and my crochet patterns are illustrated with detailed photographs as shown above and contain extra tips and explanations to make everything as clear as possible. I believe that complexity should always be in the design, not in the pattern!

Like all my patterns, the banana crochet pattern is available in both UK and US crochet versions, in two separate documents for maximum ease of reading.

Ce patron crochet pour banane est aussi disponible en version française – veuillez suivre le lien.

And of course all my crochet patterns come with my full support if you have any questions before or after purchase.

Crocheted bananas and banana skin

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