Crocheted blanket with zig-zag stitch pattern

Scrappy Crochet Zig-Zag Blanket

I realised I never posted an update on finishing my scrappy Zig-Zag Crochet Blanket, which I completed some time ago, so here it is!

This lap-sized blanket has been in constant use from before it was even finished and machine washed with abandon many times, so you can probably see it’s gone a bit bobbly in places. In general though, it’s held up well: it’s a bit sturdier and has kept its shape better than my Scrap Yarn Frankenblanket, which is down to the heavier weight yarn and the fact is it mainly acrylic.

Scrappy crochet blanket with zig-zag pattern

See my original Zig-Zag Blanket post or my Ravelry project for full details on the pattern and yarns I have used.

After 72 rows of the pattern, I finished with a plain row (no dropped stitches) in the pink yarn, to match the initial setup row.

Then I added a simple edging in the same grey yarn in UK double crochet [US: singe crochet] stitches.

Scrappy crochet zig-zag blanket edging

The finished size is 125cm x 95cm (around 50″ x 38″).

As I noted in my original post, I bought yarn costing £22 to make this blanket which is quite a lot for an ugly lap blanket – although it is daily use (yes, even in August!) But I now have a good amount of the grey and navy yarns left over for which I have other projects in mind. In particular, this Aran [US: worsted] yarn will work for some practical Knitted Fingerless Gloves.

Overall, this was a very satisfying project as I enjoy how relaxed the ‘scrappy’ aspect makes me. I’m not stressing about it being ‘perfect’ as I do with items in my shop, because I know from the outset it’s not supposed to be perfect!

Made in a planned colourway, I think this would easily be nice enough for a gift, perhaps something bold for a student – I wouldn’t say it was suitable as a baby blanket due to the thickness and raised stitches.

I’d like to make another one the same size (we don’t yet have the correct person-to-blanket ratio in our living room), but I might use a third different pattern, to keep the craziness going!

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