Duckling Crochet Pattern

Crochet Duckling Pattern by Little ConkersNew crochet pattern for fluffy ducklings!

We’ve been having perfect weather for ducks here in West Sussex this week after all!






For some time I’ve been thinking my crochet robin needed a feathery friend, plus one of my children pointed out this Easter that none of the chicks on cards and decorations looked like the chicks we see in real life, which are mallard ducklings.

So here they are!

Crocheted Ducklings




These mallard ducklings are characterised by their handsome gold and chocolate colouring, and super-cool Zoro-style masks!



Duckling Crochet Pattern


The pattern can be used to make single-colour ducklings too – the kind that might grow up into a white duck.


The pattern includes optional feet, by the way – I have somehow managed to miss them out of all the pictures!



You don’t need to source special fluffy yarn (although you can if you want to, such as mohair or angora). Use an ordinary DK wool yarn, and fluff it up afterwards with a simple trick explained in the pattern. This allows you to choose from the widest possible range of yarns and colours – I always try to avoid specifying niche yarns or materials to make my patterns as accessible as possible!

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Now also available as a complete, eco-friendly Duckling Crochet Kit!Duckling Crochet Kit Contents

Duckling Crochet Pattern by Little Conkers