Spare Robin Yarn


Additional yarn oddments for previous customers of my Robin Kit, who wish to make more robins.

Please read all of the description below carefully.

Dispatches within 4 working days.

This listing is for previous customers of my Robin Kit, who would like to purchase more of the same yarn, in order to make additional ducklings.

When I create my kits, I only include single lengths of yarn in the required quantity to complete the given project. This means I am left with shorter lengths of yarn. I offer some of these in my Seconds Kits, for customers who don’t mind joining yarn lengths mid-project. I am also offering some of these shorter lengths of yarn here.

Key points

  • You will receive enough yarn to complete the specified number of robins (both the main merino wool yarn, and the cotton yarn for the eyes and beaks – please see my Robin Crochet Pattern for more details).
  • No pattern, instructions or tools are included.
  • No stuffing is included.
  • This kit is only for previous customers of my Robin Kit (on Etsy or here on my website), who already have the pattern and know what to expect of the yarn.
  • You need to be comfortable making extra joins while changing colours and keeping an even tension.
  • No length of the wool yarn will be less than 3m long.
  • No length of the cotton yarn will be less than 1m long.
  • The yarn may be from different dye batches.

If you’re not comfortable with dealing with joining multiple separate lengths of yarn, then this is probably not for you. You will find tips on sourcing your own new yarn are provided in the robin pattern, under “Making More Robins”. This is also where you will find information about stuffing for your robins. Your local yarn shop will always be pleased to offer advice too.

Listing this spare yarn helps me reduce waste. Since it is left-over from my kits, the amount of yarn I have available is limited and variable. Your yarn will usually be packaged in a recycled box (biscuit box, cereal packet, etc).


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