Milward Bamboo Crochet Hooks


Bamboo crochet hooks by Milward in a range of sizes.

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These bamboo crochet hooks are lovely, but I am phasing them out of my kits because they come in plastic sleeves.

(Most of my kits now feature Pony Bamboo Crochet Hooks which come in a recyclable cardboard holder.)

Made by craft equipment experts Milward, the hooks themselves are made from bamboo which is a sustainable resources.

Whether you are new to crochet, or are currently using a traditional aluminium hook, you will really love the smooth, warm feel of a bamboo crochet hook. They are strong and yet flexible and feature the lovely natural grain of the bamboo.

If you prefer, I also have these Milward Bamboo Crochet Hooks listed on eBay.

Crochet Hook Size Conversion Chart

metric US Size Range
2.75mm C – 2
3.25mm D – 3
3.5mm E – 4
3.75mm F – 5
4mm G – 6
4.5mm 7
5mm H – 8




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