Crocheted bi-coloured gourds

Bi-Coloured Pear Gourd Crochet Pattern #1

As promised, following on from my Warty Gourd Crochet Pattern published earlier this month, here is my Bi-coloured Pear Gourd Crochet Pattern #1.

This is another one of the general type of decorative gourds called bottle gourds or pear gourds because of their shape, but this variety features a striking sharp colour change between the base and the top. They almost look as if they have been dipped in paint!

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Bi-coloured Pear Gourd Crochet Pattern by Little Conkers

The pattern shows you how to make a smooth transition from one colour to another in crochet – there is no unsightly ‘jog’ where the colour changes.

Using DK (light worsted weight, Category 3) yarn and a 3.5mm (US size E-4) crochet hook this pear gourd is approximately 10cm long (not counting the stalk).

But you can choose a different weight yarn and appropriate hook to make larger or smaller gourds.

Bi-coloured Pear Gourd Crochet Pattern by Little Conkers

The pattern includes several ways to vary your gourds, so that if you are making a collection, they will each be unique, just like in nature.

You may also have noticed this pattern is called Bi-coloured Pear Gourd #1 – that’s because I also have another pattern for the rounder pear gourd with stripes shown here.

Bi-coloured Pear Gourd Crochet Pattern by Little Conkers

These gourds love to be with their friends, so mix and match them with the mini pumpkins and other gourds in my growing range of patterns to make a fun and beautiful autumn centrepiece.

Decorative Gourd Crochet Patterns by Little Conkers

The pattern is available in both UK and US terminology, and is fully-illustrated with colour photos to make it really easy to follow. This pattern is suitable for beginners as it uses on the UK dc stitch (US sc) and its decrease which is taught in the pattern.

Don’t forget you can order all my crochet patterns printed and gift-boxed, and these make lovely, easy-to-post gifts for crafty friends.

And of course you can still order my pumpkins and gourds readymade if you prefer.

Download the Pear Gourd Crochet Pattern

Find more details and download the pattern via the links below. As I publish more patterns, I’ll be creating bundles of pumpkin and gourd patterns to give you the best value when creating your autumn fun.

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