Crocheted dishcloth with star stitch

Star Stitch Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

I’m excited to present my latest crochet pattern for this pretty star stitch dishcloth.

This dishcloth makes a lovely complement to my other waffle stitch dishcloth pattern.

About this crochet pattern

Scroll down for the links to download this pattern.

Ever since I used a star stitch on another crochet project, I knew I wanted to use it to make another dishcloth for my range. It makes such a pretty, interesting texture, and yet the stitch is dense and not holey, so it’s not going to catch on things.

Star Stitch Crochet Pattern

The pattern includes a neat edging and optional hanging loop – features often missing from other dishcloth patterns.

Star Stitch Dishcloth Crochet Pattern


Lots of notes and pictures are included in the pattern to make it as easy as possible for you work successfully. Tips are also included to help you adapt the pattern into a washcloth using a lighter weight yarn if you so wish.

Star Stitch Dishcloth Crochet Pattern


As always, the pattern is available in UK and US crochet versions in two completely separate documents so you can choose whichever you prefer to use without having the other getting in the way.

My waffle stitch dishcloth and this star stitch dishcloth are both the same size and suit the same yarn, so you can make them as a pair for different uses around the home and kitchen.

Star Stitch Dishcloth Crochet Pattern


Star Stitch Dishcloth Crochet Pattern Links

Download the pattern instantly in all the usual places – you can also see details of yarn weights and quantities required:

Star Stitch Dishcloth Crochet Pattern


You can also buy this star stitch dishcloth pattern with all the materials and equipment you need in my complete Star Stitch Dishcloth Kit, just like my Waffle Stitch Dishcloth Kit.

See my full range of eco-friendly crochet kits here.

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