Recycled Gift Tags and Price Labels

When you run your business in snippets of time snatched here and there, a lot of projects take a very long time from first idea to fruition (my Crochet Dreams Colouring Book was definitely one of those). So it’s rather lovely when occasionally something sparks and takes light very quickly.

This week I’ve had one of these surprise turnarounds which has been great fun.

As you will know I make all my business cards and the thread cards and gift tags I include in my crochet kits by hand out of cereal packets and old greetings cards. I cut them out and stamp or write on the details.

It’s laborious but even buying recycled business cards and tags feels wrong if I’d be putting all this good quality card into the recycling. Plus you have to take into account the environmental impact of the printing and shipping of commercial business cards.

My original hand cutter gave up the ghost in the spring and I finally managed to replace it with something a bit more robust (but still hand powered) this summer.

However, for every gift tag or business card I cut, my new cutting machine also cuts other smaller shapes and tags at the same time.

I’ve been keeping them, but it was getting a bit silly because I really don’t have any use for them.

But before I put them in the recycling, it occurred to me that other people might be able to use them. I wasn’t sure because they are small and have the original printing from the cereal box, etc, on the reverse, which I rather like, but others might not.

It turns out lots of people would have a use for them! And are quite happy with the printing on the reverse. These smaller sizes seem to be particularly popular with people doing craft fairs who need discreet little price tags.

If you’re interested, find the recycled tags in my shop – quantities and colours available will always be changing, just ask if you don’t see the ones you want.

Here’s one of my recycled tags in use already as a price label by Hannah of The Beach Shack Project on her gorgeous sea-glass and pottery jewelery:

The Beach Shack Project

Do visit The Beach Shack Project to see more of her beautiful pieces made from sea glass and pottery collected from the beaches of Cornwall.

Do drop me a line if you’d like any of these recycled gift tags or price labels and they’re not showing in my shop – I often have more than I have had time to list!

Some of my products which use recycled card: