Eco-friendly Crochet Dishcloth Kits

I’m rolling out my new, even-more eco-friendly packaging for my crochet dishcloth kits.

Both my dishcloth kits are now available in this new super-smart, environmentally-friendly box.

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My new boxes are made in the UK of 70% recycled material. Because they are flat-fronted, they enable me to replace the 100% recycled self-adhesive paper labels I was previously using on my boxes. Instead I’m now using labels I cut myself from 100% recycled kraft paper and adhere with a water-based glue. While the self-adhesive labels themselves are recycled and recyclable, the siliconised backing sheet I am left with after using a sheet of the labels is not easily recycled outside the print industry, and so they are something I want to replace.

Eco-friendly kit to make a dishcloth using the waffle crochet stitch

This new style of box will be coming to all my crochet kits, but I have begun with my Waffle Stitch Dishcloth Kit and my Star Stitch Dishcloth Kit.

The new boxes are also more rigid than the old ‘takeaway’ style boxes, and being cuboid rather than trapezoid, are going to be easier to pack and post!

The new shape also means I can more easily gift-wrap these kits, so at the same time I am rolling out my new, still thoroughly eco-friendly gift-wrapping options:

Eco-friendly Christmas gift-wrapping for kits
Eco-friendly gift-wrapping for kits
  • tissue paper: 100% recycled, recyclable
  • paper tape: plastic free, recycle with the paper
  • tie: 100% recycled cotton
  • tag: up-cycled by me from waste cardboard (cereal packets, etc)

Buy my Eco-friendly Crochet Dishcloth Kits

Click on a link below to see the kits in my online shop:

You can also find my dishcloth crochet kits in my Etsy shop or if you prefer, download just the digital patterns on Etsy, Ravelry and LoveCrafts:

Eco-friendly Star Stitch Dishcloth Crochet Kit

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