Christmas Trees

Miniature Crocheted Christmas TreesMore new additions to my shop this week!

These little Christmas trees are now rivalling my pinecones as my favourite things to make. It’s far too early for a real Christmas trees (we’re a week-before-Christmas family) but I’ve had such a lot of fun decorating these tiny treasures.





Hand-crocheted Christmas decorations and gifts


I have made little Christmas trees before – pictured here – but when I came to making them again this year, I felt I wanted to adapt them into something more natural and organic feeling.




I’m so pleased with the result!

To be honest, I can’t make up my mind if I prefer them with or without decorations. They are so sweet in their natural state as a miniature pine forest.

Miniature Crocheted Christmas Trees

But they are also lovely with the little seed beads too (rather hard to see in the photos). I just can’t decide, so I’m offering both!

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Miniature Crocheted Christmas Trees


I’ve got two colours here – a variegated mid-green and a solid dark pine green. Miniature Crocheted Christmas Trees

The former is made in 100% bamboo yarn, hand-dyed and balled by women in an economically deprived region of South Africa, providing much-needed employment and empowerment. The latter is a bamboo and wool blend yarn. The trees are stuffed with 100% British sheep wool, an annually renewable resource. The teeny stars are crocheted with embroidery cotton.




I don’t purchase new beads, buttons, or embroidery cotton as I aim to keep Little Conkers as sustainable as possible. When I need buttons and embroidery thread, they come from charity shops. The tiny red and gold seed beads on the trees are from my stash. I’ve been trying to think when I purchased them – I know it was when I was in my first flat, so probably around 15 years ago. I have (obviously) never found a use for all of them, but I can’t throw perfectly good beads away, so I think it’s entirely in keeping with my ethos to use them on these little trees.

Miniature Crocheted Christmas Trees


You can buy your choice of Christmas tree in my Etsy shop now or e-mail me.





I have introduced new colours!

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