Tabletop Christmas Trees

Crocheted tabletop Christmas treeI’ve been re-stocking – reforesting? – my shop with my tabletop Christmas trees over the weekend.

Yes, I know it seems terribly early, but I sold three within minutes of posting about them, so people are obviously already on the look out for their Christmas ornaments!

Update: See my new range of eco-friendly miniature Christmas trees.

I introduced these little trees last year, and this year I am adding two new colours which I think are really pretty.

Here are the classic dark and mid-green tabletop Christmas trees, with gold and red decorations.

And here are the two new colours – an icy blue and a mint green, with pearl, white and silvered decorations.

It’s been pretty tricky getting decent photos of these, with the dingy weather we are having, It’s hard to pick up the tiny silvered and pearlescent seed beads and the white stars in particular tend to disappear into the background.

The materials used are as sustainable as I can make them, as always.

I really love the way they have turned out though, and hope the pictures tell most of the tale. They’re so sweet to keep on your desk or windowsill for a little subtle festiveness.

You can buy your choice of Christmas tree in my Etsy shop now or e-mail me.