Granny Stripe Blanket Dashboard

Granny Stripe Blanket Update

Well, there’s no denying we’re well into August now, and my target date is looming!

I was hoping the summer holidays, and the break from all the kids’ regular clubs would give me more time to crochet. The trouble is, although I’m crocheting more than usual, it’s not all on this blanket!

Granny Stripe Blanket Progress
Granny Stripe Blanket Dashboard
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I’m working on a couple of large designs for publication in magazines in the autumn, as well as trying to get as much stock as possible made ahead of the (gulp) Christmas rush.

If you don’t believe how early we shop-keepers need to have our stock in place, just look at the top ten search hits on my Etsy site in the last seven days!

Little Conkers Etsy Shop

I’ve been crocheting a lot of pumpkins and pears (thoroughly appropriate in the autumnal weather we’ve been having in West Sussex), as well as prepping lots of kits. There were also a couple of days where I was waiting for more yarn to arrive for my blanket too so the rate of rows I need to complete every day to meet my target is now 1.9.

Little Conkers Etsy

I’ll just quickly mention that Etsy told me this today that I’ve made my 2500th Sale!

It’s wonderful and humbling to think of all the little bits of crochet love – made by me and made by you – that are out there, all around the world! And I don’t think I’ve done even a small part of what I want to do yet – there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Thank you all for your amazing support – and for reading my blog thus far!

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