Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Pear Ornament in pale greenThis year I’m trying to make it a little easier for visitors to visualize my range of handmade Christmas ornaments, by creating separate Etsy listings for as many of the variations as possible.





Pear Ornament
Pear ornament in old gold

New additions to my Etsy shop this week include glossy bamboo pears in different coordinating colours.

See my full range of handmade Christmas ornaments plus gifts for giving on my Christmas page.







Large hanging pinecone ornament
Large hanging pinecone ornament


And additions to my pinecone range, including new sets in different colour combinations and single large hanging ornaments.







I think – although it’s only the 2nd of November – I may as usual have missed the boat. The Etsy marketing people have been telling me so for some time and I went into a John Lewis last week for the first time in several years to find it appeared to be late December in there.


Set of six pinecone ornaments
Set of six pinecone ornaments

I may just need to accept that my business, like me, just can’t go straight from late summer to Christmas decorations. I love the autumn, and I want to celebrate this season on its own merits for a proper amount of time.

Anyway, this has been said many times before and I digress.


Pear Ornament
Pear ornament in pale green


Please enjoy these decorations, for autumn, winter, or whenever you like!

See my Christmas page for my full range of ornaments plus gifts for giving.





You can make pear ornaments yourself using my pear crochet pattern:

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