Historical Costume Tassels

Historical Costume TasselsI have been contacted by a number of people involved in re-enactment interested in the historical costume tassels I have been creating for 17th Century falling band collars and the like. I have now created entirely new, more authentic models and I’m going to list these permanently on my website.

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17th Century Collar Tassels

17th Century Falling Band Collar TasselsWell, I thought the crocheted pangolin was going to be my most ‘niche’ commission of the year, but I may have been wrong!

Update: See here for my most recent improved historical collar tassels.

An eagle-eyed resident of Virginia in the United States who is involved in historical reenactments, noticed that my pine cones bear a striking resemblance to the collar tassels worn by men in the 17th Century.

You can see where this is going…

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