Star Stitch Skirt Crochet Pattern

Today I’m publishing something a little different for Little Conkers – my latest crochet pattern is my Star Stitch Skirt!

This simple but elegant, knee-length skirt is a great place to start if you’ve been doubtful about crocheting items of clothing beyond scarfs and hats!

Crochet Skirt Pattern
© Lucy Williams Photography
© Lucy Williams Photography

Scroll down for the links to download this pattern.

I really wanted to show that crocheting a skirt can be easier than you might think. In some ways I think it’s more forgiving than making a fabric skirt, because you can always unravel a few rows and make changes in a way you can’t once you’ve cut fabric pieces. It also doesn’t require the kitchen table, which is the main reason I don’t do any sewing these days!

This is the first pattern for an item of clothing I have published, however, and it is a little nerve-wracking – it involved quite a learning curve in planning out the different sizes!

Pattern Sizing and Materials

I’ve sized the pattern in four sizes in hip measurements from 88cm / 34″ to 117cm / 46″. The length is 64cm / 25″ for all sizes, but this can easily be altered to make the skirt longer or shorter (details are given in the pattern).

Crochet Skirt Pattern Size Chart

Oh, and you don’t need to worry about the skirt being see-through! I can promise that this stitch makes a dense fabric which is not see-through at all, as I hope the photos show.

If by any chance your yarn/hook choices do end up giving you something with a more open weave than you are comfortable with, you can add a fabric lining, or (much easier) do what Granny did and wear a ‘slip’!

Pattern Features

This pattern was originally published in Inside Crochet Issue 95, but now I’m publishing it for myself. That means it comes with all the features you expect from a Little Conkers pattern:

  • UK and US patterns in two completely separate documents
  • many colour photos showing you the detail of every step
  • lots of tips to help you work the pattern successfully
  • notes on choosing a suitable yarn
  • single-page printer-friendly succinct pattern in addition to the photo-tutorial.
  • e-mail support if you have any questions

Another feature of this pattern is that you can also make it in blocks of colour.

In addition to the gorgeous red skirt shown in the wonderful photo above taken by the talented Lucy Williams for the magazine photoshoot, I wanted to get pictures of a colour-block version being worn. Since my sister resisted all attempts at bribery and Mr Conkers doesn’t really have the legs for this, I’m decided to make a colour-block skirt for myself and to model it for photos. I’m not a big skirt wearer but I decided to go for something a little out of my comfort zone and make it in bold blocks of teal and brown for the autumn. I do rather love the finished article.

I’m really hoping that all you fabulous makers out there – on Ravelry in particular, but also on Etsy and LoveCrafts – will post pictures of your own finished skirts and give other makers lots of lovely examples and inspiration that way.

Star Stitch Skirt Pattern Links

Download the pattern instantly via one of the links below:

Crochet Skirt Pattern
© Lucy Williams Photography

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