Mini crocheted pear key ring

Eco-friendly Organic Cotton Pear Keychain

I’ve just updated my little pear keychain to be even more eco-friendly in organic cotton!

It’s taken me a while to find the perfect pear green colour in organic cotton, but I’m now really happy with how they look.

Crocheted organic cotton mini pear keychain

I’m also offering them in this cute blush shade, also in organic cotton, which I love too.

Crocheted pear keychains

I can of course make them in a range of colours, ideal for differentiating different sets of keys in a family. I once made a whole set of these in different colours as room keys for a small hotel that had a name related to pear trees.

If you’d like your pear in a different colour, just drop me a line to discuss options with no obligation.

I love making these – the organic shape of pears, like my eggs and pine cones are all so satisfying in their simplicity.

Buy a pear keychain

The pear keychains are also available in the Little Conkers Etsy shop.

Take a look at all my eco-friendly handmade keychains here.

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