Baby Wash Mitt Crochet Pattern

Baby Wash Mitt Crochet Pattern made to an original Little Conkers patternThose of you who’ve known Little Conkers for a while will recognize these little faces. But new today is that you can now use my pattern to make these simple toddler wash mitts for yourself.

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I first designed and made these wash mitts for my own children when they were toddlers. Anyone with little children knows that normal flannels, sized for adults, are just too big for little hands to handle independently, and carry too much water, leading to lots of puddles on the bathroom floor. They are also very hard for little hands to ring out. Add the fact that a smiley face can go a long way to make a tired and/or reluctant toddler approach washing a little more enthusiastically, and this bear was born!

Crocheted Toddler Wash Bear Mitt

Giving little people more chances to be independent is great for their self esteem, so these mitts were a hit with my own children and other families in my village. I know one parent who also keeps one in the kitchen for cleaning up sticky chops after meals!

As well as being a great gift for a toddler who can wash independently, these also make fun new baby gifts if made with a suitable yarn, as they can be used by parents when bathing a baby – young babies are so intrigued by faces!

Crochet Wash Mitt Pattern

As much as I enjoy creating my fruit and vegetables, I’m really pleased to be adding to my range of more practical patterns. I really hope it finds its way to a new parent who will get some simple joy from creating something for their little one when perhaps they don’t have time or funds for a large or complex project.

This is a great pattern for beginners, fully illustrated with step-by-step colour photos to guide you.

But like all my crochet patterns, this one includes both the detailed ‘tutorial-style’ set of instructions, and a succinct unillustrated pattern using standard crochet conventions.

I developed this style because I find I like to see a lot of detail the first time I work a pattern, but if I then work the same piece again, I don’t need the pictures, etc, and indeed they can get in the way when I just want a quick reminder of what I’m doing.

I structure my patterns so that the succinct version, with an area for your own notes, is on a single page, making it easy to just take one sheet of paper with you if you have printed it out for quick reference on the move.

Baby Wash Mitt Crochet Pattern Download Links

You can download the pattern instantly from the following sites:

As always, the pattern is available in UK or US crochet terminology so you can choose whichever you prefer to use.

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