How do you hang yours?

Handmade Organic Cotton Egg Ornaments

My organic cotton egg ornaments are always popular around this time of year; many people use them as hanging decorations on twig trees. But the vital question that I ask all my customers is: which way up would you like them to hang?

Despite the risk of re-opening the age-old conflict between the Big-Endians and the Little-Endians, with possible dangerous consequences, I still felt it was important properly to research the optimal orientation of ovoid ornaments.

Crocheted egg ornaments in pastel colours

I’ve collated the data from all egg ornament orders I have received to date, and the results are as follows.

Pie chart showing which direction customers hang their egg ornaments

These results exclude all orders where no hanging loop at all was added. The figures count instances of customer preference, not numbers of eggs, so an order for a pair of eggs, or an order for two sets of six eggs both count as one instance in the data.

In over five years of selling these, only one person has asked for a mixture, with half their eggs one way up, and the other half the other way up (I added a point to both camps for that order). And funnily enough, not one person has requested them hanging sideways…

Clearly the results show a definite preference for hanging egg ornaments little end up, but the big end up orientation is a significant minority.

Meanwhile, on social media, the results are broadly similar with a lower percentage of Big-Endians. Twitter indeed appears to be a bastion of Little-Endians. Maybe it’s that Big-Endians are shy in a survey situation, but not afraid to purchase according to their beliefs?

Do the results surprise you? Do you decorate a tree for spring and Easter, and if so how do you hang yours?

Buy these eggs ready made in my shop, or the complete kit to crochet six eggs yourself:

You can also buy the complete eco-friendly egg ornament kit on Etsy, or download the digital crochet pattern on Ravelry, Etsy or LoveCrafts.

Similar important research clearly needs to be conducted into the direction of hang of pine cones, so watch this space!

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