Granny Stripe Blanket Dashboard

Granny Stripe Blanket Update

I had a hiatus of a few days whilst waiting for more yarn to arrive, but I’m now crocheting away again regularly and my Blanket Dashboard is keeping me on track!

Granny Stripe Blanket Progress
Granny Stripe Blanket Dashboard
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Now that I’ve got a really long length to look at, I’m happy with the way the random stripes are producing an overall even effect.

Crochet Granny Stripe Blanket

Due to the length of time I’ve been working on this, resulting in some of the original colours no longer being available, I’m eeking out the colours in the best way I can with substitutions, hopefully leaving enough of the original colours to make sure the end will look like the start, with most of the variation being in the middle.

I also have a few odd balls of the yarn I’m using (King Cole Merino Blend DK) in entirely different colours from different projects, and I’ve thrown in a few extra random rows of those, just to eek things out a bit more –  I dread to think how much this blanket has cost overall, probably best I don’t try to add it up, so I can’t afford to let any go to waste.

I have to say that the effect of these changes overall¬†is to give a¬†rather more homely and homemade look to the blanket. Obviously it is handmade, but I think now that my original scheme, executed perfectly, might have created something a little too regular and mechanical looking. This is a bit more organic-looking, and I’m happier with that that I thought I would be – I must be getting mellow!

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